I'm working on the complete translation of all de.po files since abot 3 days.

Getting kind of tired though, since all i find translated in the majority of all files, is the nitty gritty
small lines with hardly any text on it.
Has ever somebody done any real work on these?
As it seem's, i'm doing all the work now on each .po files that has been residing in the CVS for almost 6 month.

Where are the fellow helpers?
If i keep this up i will be done in about 3-4 days, so are you all waiting for me to finish it?



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I am actually working on the users-module. Various other projects kept me from continuing translation, but now I should have time again.

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Hi there,

please post in Issues that you are working on this module.
I post an issue every time i pull a file from the CVS.
Just select submit and create a normal task which you assign to yourself.
State subject sort of like "users-module in progress" or something like that.
Then, when you are done update or reply to the Issue.
Change the title to something like "users-module finished".

And thank's, at least i'm not working on this alone.