In some cases a baselayer needs to be available before other layers or controls can be added. For example adding a vector layer with strategy "Fixed" requires a baselayer. Can we add baselayers first or is there another way to solve this problem?

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The attached patch moves all baselayers to the top before adding them to the map.

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This seems to work just fine, and solves the issue with #1387908: MapProjection is null error on initial fetching of kml layer.

A change in 2.11 (documented here: seems to require this change.

I'd prefer someone else more familiar with OpenLayers to RTBC this though.

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In the long run the "Fixed" strategy should be fixed directly in OpenLayers. I'll prepare a pull request on GitHub ASAP, but in the meantime we need to fix this here.

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Nice patch, committed !

Thanks !!

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