Hi, I noticed FileField Paths in recent log entries when i upload a file through Filedepot ( drupal.org/project/filedepot ):
Type: error
FileField Paths failed to move file (sites/example.com/files/filedepot/php0UagFO) to (sites/example.com/files/php0UagFO).

Also FileField says:
Type: warning
FileField was trying to display the file sites/example.com/files/filedepot/php0UagFO, but it does not exist.

But file is uploaded fine through Filedepot and is viewable / downloadable. Thus this FileField Paths error message does not make sense and its just filling Recent log entries for each file upload. I searched a bit if there is a patch for such issue because there are a lot of Google search results regarding this error message but couldn't find anything useful for my case.

If you need more info, feel free to ask. :)
Thanks in advance!


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