It might be a good idea to wait with this until Views gets into core, but I took a look at some of what is necessary to get Advanced Forum running on a fresh 8.x site with Views 8.x-3.x.

Probably not complete by far, but the changes in this patch made at least the main page and an empty forum load without error after enabling the module.

  1. Remove references to {system} (also removing the no-longer-working 5.x update hooks that are ready for pruning anyway)
  2. Use cache() object instead of cache_ functions
  3. taxonomy_get_parents_all -> taxonomy_term_load_parents_all
  4. Get forum vocabulary vid from config instead of variable system
  5. Convert *.view files to *.yml config files and remove hook_views_default_views().
  6. ctools_context_required -> ContextRequired (also load this class)
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cburschka’s picture

Oops. Far from working state - the seeming success came from accidentally disabling the broken module.

This revision actually displays a (non-empty) forum overview, properly generates a title and assigns fora to their respective containers.

However, it can't display a forum: The view isn't available. It's right there in the config/*.yml files; not sure how to register it with the Views module.

(I failed at adjusting the "fake node" trick in the theme preprocessor to the new entity system. Best I could do was to just load it, possibly hitting performance.)