Dunno if this is overlay or Openlayers's issue.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Enable core's overlay module
  • Add a link to 'admin/structure' inside an popup
  • When clicking on link, link target replaces page, instead of opening in Overlay as expected.

I'd be happy to bugtrack this more, but unsure where to start looking.

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A screenshot might be nice too. Also, not sure why you'd want this. Seems like a confusing thing to do to a map.

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I can understand why it may seem so.

But using openlayers' fullscreen capabilities, together with Overlay theme & Overlay paths, you can get some pretty cool overlay usage. What I want is actually everything except for frontpage to open up in an overlay, menu links and everything works, but no links appearing inside the bubble. They do normal redirects.

See this screenshot.

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I am trying to do something similar. I want to use an overlay when a user click a link in the bubble, so that they don't lose their place on the map when viewing that locations content.

I have tried both colorbox_node and Overlay Paths, but Openlayers grabs the "click" event.

Any idea how to get the admin overlay or colorbox to respond to a 'click' event inside the bubble?

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Version: 7.x-2.0-beta1 » 7.x-2.x-dev

I confirm, that this bug still exists on current dev version. Were you able to make any progress on this?

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Title: Core's Overlay module links do not work in map bubbles » Links in popups leading to core's Overlay module do not work
Issue summary: View changes
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It is possible to "force" the overlay adding a link to '#overlay=admin/structure' inside the popup.
And it works.

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Thanks a lot, azuledu. I just tested your workaround and it works nicely.

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Hi, how did you manage to fill in the #overlay= string??
I want to put this in a module. But everytime I click on the link, the string is converted to

Is there a trick to do this?

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I'm using OpenLayers Feature Popups module, which allows me to create title template for popups (in Behaviors tab of Map configuration). I simply added the needed string there (see screenshot). Unfortunately, I don't know, how to add it to module.

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It is not necessary to add the OpenLayers Feature Popups module to get this. Just add something like:
in admin->Structure->Views->Openlayers Data Overlay->Fields->Title->Rewrite Results

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Hi, I have the problem, that I want to open links in overlay that I can't rewrite. I use the privatemsg module which views-field do not offer the rewrite option.
The same module sents out email with a link I also want to open in overlay:
As this has nothing to do with openlayers anymore, I opened a new thread: https://drupal.org/node/2202285