Design forthcoming.


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Here's a link to an interactive prototype of dismissible messages:

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Just noting this from an IRC chat.

[02:44am] ezra-g: rcross: Sorry, the issue should mention that the designs are based on
[02:44am] ezra-g: rcross: Does that help?
[02:54am] rcross: ezra-g: can you be a bit more clear what you're expecting from that ticket then?
[02:54am] ezra-g: rcross: Implementing the feature as specified in the interractive prototype
[02:55am] ezra-g: as a discrete feature module for use in commons
[02:55am] ezra-g: as an extension to
[02:55am] ezra-g: I can add that to the issue
[02:55am] rcross: commons_notices sounds like its more aimed at being a news feed
[02:56am] rcross: what you've described in this ticket sounds like it should just be part of the "core" package
[02:56am] rcross: and would really just be a matter of including absolute_messages in the make file, then doing whatever theming is necessary to match the commons theme
[02:57am] ezra-g: Well, Commons has no core package.
[02:57am] ezra-g: Notices published to provides announcements to the community."Notices published to provides announcements to the community."
[02:57am] ezra-g: err
[02:57am] ezra-g: paste fail
[02:57am] rcross: well, i guess meaning that it doesn't / shouldn't need a feature for that
[02:57am] ezra-g: But the design comps are what's intended for Commons notices
[02:57am] ezra-g: Sure - it calls for a feature and some custom code
[02:58am] ezra-g: Feature to bundle the notice content type and Absolute Messages depdencny
[02:58am] ezra-g: Custom code to show a dpm to everyone on the site who hasn't seen it

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Grabbing this and getting familiarized with the specifics.

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I think we could make use of the node module's {history} table/functionality here to manage keeping track of who has seen a particular notice.

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Ezra, I have been thinking that this might be solvable based on views filters alone with the history table as you suggest using the 'new' state.

These notices could be updated/corrected as well, so I think perhaps the view will have to pay attention to 'updated' state too?

We should also be presenting a list of all entries somewhere so that older viewed ones can be read again.
Where do you think this view should be presented? On the user profile page or somewhere common? It could have a column for the state so they can sort/filter on the various states, perhaps even VBO them to other states.


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