I might have misunderstood something, but I can't get sweaver to respect simple body background color changes. I have this in my .info file:

mystyles[style1][label] = Background
mystyles[style1][class] = html

html-class is in my Zen sub-theme's body (<body class="html front logged-in no-sidebars page-node">)

When I click "Background" link in "Theme Styles" tab, I can change the background color without problems. But if I then make other changes and come back later to edit background style again via "Theme styles" tab, background color settings are reset to default.

I can see this: .html { background-color: #D600D6; } ...in Firebug, but I can't change it anymore. If I choose another color it won't apply.

I can make the change via "Style" tab and by choosing "body" as a selected item but this requires some html knoledge. The idea is to give my customers an easy way to make simple changes to their sites and "Theme styles" seems to be a good solution for that.

What I'm doing wrong...?


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I can confirm this. Theme styles works for the first time, but when you try to edit same style again (e.g. backgroung), color can't be changed anymore.

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having similar issue. I hope someone who knows how to fix this sees this thread.