In normal rendering of textarea form fields that are text-format-enabled, the field's help text gets placed below the text format selector and tips. This means that website users are unlikely to notice and read the help text.

Text area without this module

I've created a sandbox module that addresses this by moving the help text up higher in the form so it appears directly below the field's label:

Rather than maintain this as a separate module, I'd be interested in adding this as a feature option to the Better Formats module. If you're interested, let me know and I'll supply a patch.


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Thanks Sheldon, this is exactly what I was looking for! I literally have a post-it on my monitor that says "Text areas - move all descriptions between title and box". (If votes are being counted, I think it'd be nice to have this in Better Formats since I think of this module as "cleaning all the cruft away from text areas". )

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Since I haven't seen a response from the Better Formats maintainers, I've released my module as a separate Drupal project: