I apologize for marking this as a "bug report" since it has to do with Internet Explorer but it's a start.

The issue I am having is in IE 7 and 9, have not tested in 6 or 8. The main menu tabs will not return to the default color, they stay the color of the selected page, for instance the menu is normally white text on black background, then selecting a tab changes the color to white text on red background. Once you leave one tab and go to another, the previous tab stays red with white text, eventually they all do. Only way to fix is to clear IE cache. I even tried a different machine with the same results. (See attachment)

All other browsers work perfectly...Safari, Chrome, Firefox, mobile browsers etc.

Also NOT using Suckerfish menus..

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I can confirm this on IE9, Win7 and IE8, WinXP. Tabs look fine when site is first loaded (all IE caches cleared), but after visiting any of the pages referred to by the tabs, the tabs retain the "hover" color.

Started with 7.x-3.0-rc1, currently running latest dev release.


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+1 in IE 10 as well.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8331688/why-doesnt-this-avisited-css-... for a description of the root issue.

the generated color.css file yields:

.nav .block-menu ul a:focus,
.nav .block-menu ul a:hover,
.nav .block-menu ul a:active,
.nav .block-menu ul a:visited {
  background: #e25402;