As discovered in #1333674: Conflicts with other modules so media_gallery_collection not called which creates Huge Images On Main Gallery Page, we are overwriting the page callback of the taxonomy term, which conflicts with taxonomy_display.

taxonomy_display provides a configuration page to call our own function on galleries vocabulary.

The attached patch integrates media_gallery with taxonomy_display.

If taxonomy_display with this patch is uses, it reopens the recently fixed bug #1804806: Title field in "all gallery" settings does not appear to be honored
I have opened a bug report at the taxonomy_display issue queue: #1811426: term name is not used as page title when a menu item links to it


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Changed newline encoding in the new file from Windows to Unix.

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This bug remains in "7.x-2.x-dev" version for Drupal 7.43. The patch in the comment #1 can be simplified and here is what I got to solve it.