Is there any effort under way to get Drupal into IFTTT's list of channels? It would be tremendous for media companies using Drupal to have it available in IFTTT. Wordpress is already there.


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Anyway you can always use Rules, to send IFTTT emails: "Send IFTTT an email at with a hashtag in the subject (ex. #IFTTT) and this Trigger fires. You can optionally add a single file attachment and IFTTT will create a public URL to the file as an Ingredient."

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That's hardly the level of simplicity and functionality we'd achieve with a Drupal IFTTT channel. This is yet another modern web service that adds to the advantages of using Wordpress over Drupal. It's really frustrating to be championing Drupal but constantly seeing a lack of integration between Drupal and popular web services.

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So propose solution.

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The difference, of course, is that the Wordpress channel is for, not wordpress.ORG. The channel reaches out to servers. To achieve something similar for Drupal, you'd need channels for Acquia and/or Pantheon.

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not sure if this is relevant to your use-case , but IFTTT has "Maker", anybody can use it , see this - - simple Rules integration for D7. Maybe you can help reviewing it here -

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How would I do that? Is it still open?

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Pretty straight forward, just install the module - , has a rules dependency so make sure you enable that first - then user Rules UI and your imagination to do things - there are some screenshots as guidance