For some reason this started happening a month ago and I can't figure out why. When I create a new node revision and change an image, it used to keep the old file with the revision record. This made it easier to revert. Now when I add a new revision, it deletes the image and the record from the previous revision. Is there any way to stop this?

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FileField shouldn't be doing this. Every new revision should be getting its own file usage records and previous revisions should keep their own files. There was a recent bug fix at #1210710: File deletion not handling deletion of previous revisions correctly, but that had the problem that files *weren't* being deleted, rather than being deleted unnecessarily.

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I think this problem might be a result of the fix in #1210710. I'm seeing something similiar when hook_file_delete() triggers.

At the end of filefield_delete_file_references() there is a call to node_save(), however in the case of modifying an old revision that's probably not what we want, as node_save() will make that revision the current revision. Instead we want to re-save just that revision without touching the current published version. It looks like _node_save_revision() does that.

Attached is a (currently untested) patch for this. The unfortunate thing about this patch is it requires a second node_load to compare the current vid with the vid we're modifying which obviously has performance implications but I can't come up with a better way without resorting to sql queries.