When this module is used with the User Relationships module to provide a chat list, the Anonymous users are incapable of using the chat function. It just simply doesnt show up on the page load. Anonymous users and the UR functionality would be redundant considering the reason for integrating it is so registered users will only see their friends on the chatlist. But it would be nice if the chat would work with anonymous users having access to only the public chat room, as opposed to not being available to anonymous users at all. Thanks! :)


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IS this possible yet?

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This is a significant issue with Drupalchat. My site uses relationships for authenticated users. I was hoping that Drupalchat could be used for new anon site visitors to ask questions, but it will not show up at all unless a registered user logs in.

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The good news is that the Drupalchat module can still be used with the User Relationship module installed by setting the to "All Users". It is no longer possible for site users to have the Drupalchat service integrated with User Relationships, but at least it will work for all registered and, if you want, all anon users (assuming you have permissions set correctly).

Got to admin/config/drupalchat/configuration and change the DrupalChat User Online List Control "Relationship Method" to "All Users".