This falls somewhere between a feature request and a bug report.
Background is a praser for feeds module to import iCal into drupal 7. At the time of request it wasn't a module but is available on Git. It also uses the php library and once configured can be used to create nodes from an iCal feed.
Feeds Tamper Issue
If a user tried to rewrite the field values using tamper the follow message comes up
Cannot use object of type ParserIcalCreatorComponent as array in ../sites/all/modules/feeds_tamper/feeds_tamper.module on line 53

It would be great if tamper was able to handle iCal parser feeds


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The date_ical module provides this functionality now, but the problem accessing the data type exists there as well.

I tried converting the array accessors into object properties, but the filter I tried (HTML Entity Decode) did not seem to have any effect.