got a few problems following the readme instructions:

1. Do I copy the fb_fbml folder to the themes folder, so that it is like a theme or do I copy the contents into a particular theme?

2. when i download facebook-platform PHP code, the name of the folder is facebook platform, do I change it to facebook-application or does it rest in this folder?

3. after creating the application as a page, it is just like a story page, how do I activate the facebook function. do i have to activate the theme fb_fbml?



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this is where i installed the module.

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Title: Few Problems » Drupal for Facebook install questions

1) Do copy fb_fbml to your themes directory. If you're checking this code directly out of drupal's cvs, you can checkout that directory directly into your themes directory.

2) Extract facebook-platform into the modules/fb directory. So you will have modules/fb/facebook-platform/... If using PHP4, you will also need to download simplexml and extract that into modules/fb/facebook-platform/, as described in facebook's documentation.

3) After creating the facebook application node, you'll be able to visit http://apps.facebook.com/your_app, and you'll see your drupal front page. It will use fb_fbml for canvas pages. You don't have to enable the fb_fbml theme. Although you may have to go to admin->themes just to get Drupal to refresh its themes list.

Obviously the modules are short on documentation. Once you get it working, I invite you to write up your experience to help others. And keep submitting issues here. Thanks.

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For some reason I get this at the top of my app.

Warning: Table 'watchdog' was not locked with LOCK TABLES query: INSERT INTO watchdog (uid, type, message, severity, link, location, referer, hostname, timestamp) VALUES (0, 'php', 'Table 'cache_filter' was not locked with LOCK TABLES\nquery: UPDATE cache_filter SET data = '<p>Sarah Michelle Gellar went feather-y to celebrate her <a href=\\"http://popsugar.com/643603\\" onclick=\\"javascript:urchinTracker(\\'/outbound/popsugar.com/643603\\');\\" >cover of Self Magazine</a> alongside <a href=\\"http://buzzsugar.com/tags/friday+night+lights\\" onclick=\\"javascript:urchinTracker(\\'/outbound/buzzsugar.com/tags/friday+night+lights\\');\\" </a target=\\"_blank\\"> star Conn in /home/wesnoel/public_html/rockstarlove/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 172

you can see it at http://apps.facebook.com/rockstarlove/

Any help would be appreciated :)


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Thanks for above help.


check out mine.

But it does not show the first post. Any reasons?

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clicking on my account in facebook showed this:


think need a slash somewhere in the codes.

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same thing with the posts:


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Status: Active » Fixed

To latte, it looks like you don't have permission to LOCK TABLES. I doubt this has anything to do with the facebook modules.

to medicpark, have you solved your problem?

This one issues has split into too many threads. If you want help, submit a new issue with a title that limits the issues scope. I'm resolving this one, as I think the initial problem is fixed.

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Ok got the app to work. I disabled the user management module and it was all fine.

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this is my url.


is a view, but the exposed filter does not work as it gives this:

Actually, if u get rid of yo.sghttp//, then it works.

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the callback url, how to set it ?

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If you have a question about Drupal for Facebok, start a new issue. This one is closed. I don't want to cover any more topics here.

That said, you should read about facebook applications before even trying to use Drupal for Facebook. Read http://developers.facebook.com/get_started.php

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)