I've found when I'm delting 10+ comments at a time and *not* reporting comments as spam to Mollom, I keep getting POST errors. We're running the site on Pantheon. The requests to Mollom cause my site to go offline for a bit.

Here's a an example of the error log:

Request: POST http://rest.mollom.com/v1/content/121010c4728c2a3ba1
stored = 0
Request headers:
Accept = 'application/xml, application/json;q=0.8, */*;q=0.5'
Content-Type = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
Authorization = 'OAuth oauth_consumer_key="db95579f4ff89a74fa3fdcf775265394", oauth_version="1.0", oauth_nonce="60100fa8bb3f5766c5f40efd35f1910f", oauth_timestamp="1349885033", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_signature="TCUiVdcltMWR%2Fi34Lgq6esXzPnY%3D"'
Response: 200
code = '200'
content =
id = '121010c4728c2a3ba1'
spamScore = '0.9317452509648281'
qualityScore = '0.596770928'
spamClassification = 'spam'


Is there anything I can do to ensure Mollom isn't reporting spam when I tell it not to? If I do report comments as spam, the most I can delete at a time is 5.


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Do you also have a log entry that shows a POST error?

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I'm also just told that sending feedback to Mollom should be a lot faster, coincidentally as of today :)

So it is possible that you will no longer be able to reproduce the error when sending feedback for more than 5 comments.

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I don't have a log entry that shows a POST errror, but Pantheon was telling me they were seeing errors on their end. I just deleted 50 comments (without reporting) and got the POST log again.

However, I deleted another 20 after that (and reported them as spam to Mollom) and they were deleted *very* fast! Not the normal lag and causing my site to go offline. I'll try reporting everything from now on our and see how that goes.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

No POST logs when reporting spam, and things seem to work *much* faster now with that!

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Glad to hear that this is resolved :)