The bug outlined in is stopping all work for a Drupal install I'm trying to get going with OAuth access to content.

The problem is, none of the user based OAuth menu hooks are working, so http://drupalsite/user/3/oauth/consumer/add fails and http://drupalsite/user/3/oauth/ fails too with various PDOException: SQLSTATE[22P02] errors.

In trying to debug where it's breaking I'm failing to see the code ever getting to the oauth_common_providerui.module menu handling code, but rather only getting as far as oauth_common.module. I don't know enough at all how the whole parsing of the address and handling of menus works in Drupal, but something is not correctly getting it to the menu handling code for the UI portion.


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Seems to be related to PostgreSQL, I adjusted the title of that issue accordingly.
#1310984: PDOException with PostgreSQL when viewing page /user/1 if OAuth Provider UI in on