This is a (minor) follow-up in response to #1188388-54: Entity translation UI in core comment 54 item 7


Following a pattern of showing a hint as to the value of a setting in a collapsed fieldset or in a vertical tab, the entity translation ui can be improved.

proposed resolution

Improve UI by adding hint to add translation: source language collapsed field set

Remaining tasks

Implement showing the setting hint in the collapsed field set.

User interface changes language 2012-10-03_1321.png

API changes

No API changes/additions that would affect module, install profile, and theme developers.



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Title: Improve UI by adding hint to add translation: source language collapsed field set [Follow-up to Entity Translation UI in core] » Improve UI by adding hint to add translation: source language collapsed field set

adding to the list of follow-ups at #1836086: [meta] Entity Translation UI improvements

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Issue tags: +medium, +needs initial patch

#1807902: add hint to field collapsed global settings: GLOBAL SETTINGS: Number of values (1), Field translation (disabled) is another issue about adding a hint, so if code is there, it might be inspiration for how to do this patch.

if anyone can point to a file/function for other hints in core in the fieldset/details, that would help this issue get started.

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I investigate this task. I see this is a page to edit node. Here we can add translations.
But I do not see a such functionality. Should I use another sandbox or module?

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I talked with likin in irc, and we have a plan for steps to reproduce. I think they should also be added to the summary.
Adding a tag for that, and here is instructions: (the contributor task document for making steps to reproduce)

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Here's an updated screenshot of the UI for translating a node:
Translating a node UI

Just to clarify, is the issue to specify the source translation of the node that is being translated? Now that there is no 'source translation' fieldset, perhaps we need to specify the source translation somewhere else on this page.

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I have the same. We should close this issue, because all specifications from the issue are removed.

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Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary. fix the image link

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