This is a follow-up in response to #1188388-100: Entity translation UI in core based on comment 100


When setting up translation, and translation is enabled on an entity, for example on a content type, it doesn't actually do anything. Each field (or property) needs to be edited and the translation enabled there also.

Proposed resolution

A) bulk enabling of the fields and properties that are enablable when translation is enabled on the entity.
B) default new fields to translation enabled when they are added to an entity that has translation enabled.

Remaining tasks

Work on this is being postponed until after feature freeze.
Mock up the ui change and add a screen shot.
Code up the bulk functionality.

User interface changes

Add a bulk enable to same location translation is enabled on entities.
The ui can stay the same(to control enabling or disabling individual fields and properties.

API changes

Are there API changes/additions that would affect module, install profile, and theme developers?

Background from et-ui part 2 issue summary

Auto-enable translatability on every field.


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Status: Active » Postponed

I agree that making all fields translatable when enabling translation on a bundle, and defaulting to translatable afterwards, could ease the setup process a lot, since when translation is enabled shared fields should be the exception and not the rule. An explicit option to authorize the conversion might be a good idea too. As I was saying above, I'd wish to defer this issue as it will be far easier to address after fixing the default language handling for fields to match the Entity Field API one. AAMOF it won't be needed a migration anymore since all original values will always be stored with a fixed language code indicating the default entity language. I believe this is the kind of small UI improvement that can be worked on after feature freeze (it should be matter of adding a checkbox or so).

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Title: Bulk enabling of translatability on fields and properties when enabled on an entity [Follow-up to Entity Translation UI in core] » Make fields translatable by default when enabling translation on a bundle
Component: language system » translation_entity.module
Category: feature » task
Priority: Normal » Major
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Updated issue summary. added direct link to comment 100

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Status: Postponed » Closed (duplicate)
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Updated issue summary added background