I'm hoping someone can point me the correct direction.

The recruiter distribution is a great fit for my needs, but for my use the resume is too detailed so I'm trying to simplify it.

I have removed/deleted a number of the fields including some of the field collections (such as education).
I've updated the recruiter_resume.module so that the function "recruiter_resume_required_fields()" now only lists the fields i need.

This allows my shorter resume to go "publicly visible" according to the rules for resume state info.
so far so good :)

The problem I now have is that the search functionality isn't working.

When I go to the search api, the resume search option states all items need to be indexed.

when I try to search resumes I get no results (as expected if there are no items in the index).

I've tried re-indexing ( I get a message to say that it has started) but i still cannot get it to either show that resumes are indexed or find any from the search page.

I'm assuming that by me altering the resume fields that has broken the search. Is there anyway for me to fix this? what files/module settings will i need to amend to get the indexing/search to work

any advice would be welcome to point me in the right direction


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First of all, I would recommend you to not directly change the module files. Instead of that, try to implement the according hooks (this will require some coding skills). Otherwise you'll never have the chance to upgrade your installation to a newer version and other stuff that is based on some default configuration might break.

Concerning your Search API index, I guess it still has some fields stored that you've deleted?! Check which fields are selected to be indexed, and try to re-save the configuration. Furthermore, check if there are errors in the watchdog. And maybe you have to wait 1-2 minutes until Solr commits the changes (I'm not sure about that)

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Oh I totally agree, I plan to change things back and implement via a hook the changes i made to the recruiter_resume.module file. This was done just to move the resume to visible so i could test the search functionality.

in the search api, I did a flush of the cache and a reindex. I went and took a look at the fields for indexing and made sure only those that I wanted ( from my new selection) were ticked.
I'm not using solr, but I didn't think that would be a problem as it says in the documentation that its now suitable.

I noticed there was a recruiter resume search "module" but i'm assuming there is nothing in that, that is hard coded for the search functionality?

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Concerning the resume search, only resumes with state "visible" are listed. Maybe this information helps.

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I did double check and they had been set to a state of visible.

I think i'll create a test site with the default installation profile and work backwards from there. I suspect deleting some of the fields did the damage, so worst case I'll reuse the fields and just change the labels to something I can use.

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To modify recruiter or any distribution, use features override, Features Override module and follow the instructions there.

Install recruiter as normally u do, don't do any modification until the features override is installed,
after that do what ever modifications you want to do.
Create a overridden features of your choice. you have an option to create overridden, download the feature , and again install the feature.
Now you can safely upgrade when ever there is a change in the original recruiter and keep modifying the features as required.

Search index independent of recruiter, any fields which needs to be made searchable needs indexing.
you can add fields or delete fields.if you don't want certain field to be indexed just un check and save and run re-index
If you have a field used in more than one instance it will remain indexed but not for the current node /entity .But i don't see any difference whether you index or not the fields you don't want, just don't use them in views.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Are there still any problems with the resume search?

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either of the search jobs, or resumes gives current results only on manual re-indexing in current system
it was automatic earlier, i don't know but some thing is changed now

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in my customised system it still isn't working, but i haven't had time to do more testing or the chance to test with the default installation profile.
unless others are having problems, i'm happy for this to be closed

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed

i'm closing this for now, Dean feel free to reopen if appropriate

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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