From the few times I've tried to recreate this issue, it seems I can only get the "highlight" class that is added to selected checkboxes to appear when I have the "Add Select All / None Links" option checked under "MORE OPTIONS FOR X VALUE" dropdown within the Exposed Form Settings dialogue box.

I removed/reinstalled the module a few times to try to have it be something I was doing wrong, but it seemed to only add the *very much appreciated* "highlight" class to selected checkboxes when I enable the "Add Select All / None Links" option.

Maybe it's just me, but tossing this out there in case it's a fix for future releases!


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Fixed the underlying issue of checkboxes not getting the highlight class. (I didn't realize that the highlight code was limited to when select all/none was engaged.) Anyhow, that's been generalized so that it works whenever there are BEF checkboxes around.

The issues around attr() should be raised in a followup issue, likely involving the jQuery Update module as version 1.4.4 is what ships with core. (We should probably move to using prop() as attr() is deprecated. This is the downside of jQuery breaking their API on minor version releases. But that's a grumble for a different day in a different forum...)


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.