I have created a checkout rules email, to notify users of their coupon iD to present it to the merchant, instead of the normal printout from the system which i could not figure out.

Now i have added all the fields some work and some don't , can anyone help?

On a EVENT REACTION Rule I created a "coupon email notification"

on the mails message body I added:

Recipient: [commerce-order:commerce-customer-billing]

Deal Name: [commerce-order:commerce-line-items:1:line-item-label] not working

Billing Address: [commerce-order:commerce-customer-billing]

Date Generated: [commerce-order:created]

You order ID: [commerce-order:commerce-line-items]

Voucher ID: [commerce-order:field-coupon]

Voucher Expiring Date: [commerce-order:field-deal-expire-date] Not working

Could anyone help?


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