Firstly thank you to all maintainers/developers for your hard work.

This is quite an important module that I want to include in my website. I have been following the developement of this module for several months and I am kind of worried that I am not going to see soon a production version for Drupal 7. I think I am in behave ofr many people when I say that we are anxiously waiting for this module.

I would like to know if you could provide us with a date for the 7.x release of this module (not the dev version). Even if it is just an approximate date. This way I could decide if I keep waiting or I follow an alternative path.

Thank you in advance and best luck.


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I understand the concern, however I don't think User Badges in its current state can break your site. I have been using it from the very first re-build for D7 (which had some serious issues back then) but I have happily been using it for many months now. I can of course only talk of my own experience which is of using the module to display a badge based on roles on a fairly modest site, but I think that I wouldn't hesitate to roll it on a larger site if I was looking after one. If it causes problems you will know straight away if the issues cause you or your users massive headache and needs to be pulled out.

That said, in my case there are a number of patches to apply even to the dev release but hopefully these will be incorporated soon.

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Hi RogueM,
I've been having this problem for a long time. So far no solution. I thought the reason was some bug that would be solved once a non-dev version came out.

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When it gets solved, it will first be in the -dev release.

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Title: When is a production version of User Badges expected for Drupal 7 to be released? (approx) » State of Drupal 7 release?

I'm also wondering what's going on with the D7 version of this module. Not intending to say that anyone should be doing x or y, but just wanting to know what the state of development is...

So a couple of questions:

  1. Why are there two versions of this module in dev for D7? What is the difference between 7.x-1.x-dev and 7.x-2.x-dev? Are both releases being worked on? Are they being worked on by different people, or the same people? Shouldn't we consolidate to one dev release?
  2. Related to the first question, are patches being actively reviewed/applied to either of the 7.x dev versions? In other words, if I do some work on the module, will it quickly find its way into the build, or not?

Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions!

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I think this module should lose its category of "Actively maintained" and "Under active development" because both of them are false and might mislead people to choose this module because of that.

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Title: State of Drupal 7 release? » State of Drupal 7 release
Category: support » task

Hey people, remember that we don't get paid for working on this module, so we do our best but sometimes we get caught by life events. So let's discuss once and for all our approach with UB in Drupal 7...

Right now we have two branches, 7.x-1.x mostly maintained by NancyDru and 7.x-2.x created by Nancy on my request (so it reflects my work).
Correct if I'm wrong, but 7.x-1.x is a simple port of UB D6, and 7.x-2.x is intended to be a major rewrite using Drupal 7's APIs.

Now the thing is, 7.x-2.x is pretty young and now is the time to think about what we want in it:
#1319230: D7 Role badges, User weighting, Limit count (6.x users take note)
#1784292: Would like per-badge permissions
#1787326: Would like to group badges and only let users pick one from each group
#1787330: Visual badge selector
#1499414: Rules selector to set a badge?
#1865890: Merge with Achievements?

Depending on what we choose, we can still "break" the current structure. Discuss.

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Nobody gets paid on Drupal anyways and if a module is not actively maintained, it should not be labelled as such.

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true... however you can just look at the last stable release, and as another indicator the latest dev release. If both are old then surely you can work out that it is a 'risky' module to introduce on your site?

Anyway, all I'm saying is, yes, there is a few rough edges with drupal, particularly extensions, but don't put the responsibility of your decision to roll anything onto your site onto someone else - or add pressure on the developer of these modules because YOU need them NOW. I have been there and done it. Personally I am much more aggravated with other modules that seem pretty active from a release point of view but are pretty sure to break your site if you follow those so-called 'stable' releases.

My point is, yes, maybe "Under active development" is misleading but anyone making any decision based on that when not still in testing phase has a few other (more important) things to learn about drupal development, or there will be tough times ahead! ;-)

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Nancy changed status from "Actively maintained" to "Minimally maintained" but there are no such option to change "Under active development", see http://drupal.org/node/314492

Now, if everyone is ok, we could discuss #6

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Hi SebCorbin,

Shouln't be the bugs the first preference before adding new features?

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Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Category: task » support
Priority: Normal » Major

Just curious about the current state of the Drupal 7 Release,
is it coming?


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Wondering if any decision has been made in so far as development branch. In SebCorbin's post (#6) several items were mentioned. I'm getting myself setup as a follower on all of these threads, as the idea of a total re-write relying more on the Drupal 7 core and so-forth makes better sense to me. (Yes, I finally sorted out how to load patches, so I can be a more active contributor!)

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Patches are always welcome. I'm pretty tied up between school and developing the most complex site I have ever seen.

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Version 7.x-3.x is out. It fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of extra features. It will be the version that we will support and we recommend. This is very close to a production version.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Version 7.x-3.x is out and we recommend everyone to download this version as it will be the version that will be supported.

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Thank you Shabana. I'm going to try it.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Category: support » task

Feedback on latest dev release. Installed nicely on my test server. When I clicked on the configuration link in the modules list, it took me to the People page. A description of what the module is intended to do is missing when seeing it in the Configuration page. Uploading new images for badges worked perfectly, although there wasn't any preview of the image itself in the settings page after upload. These do show up perfectly in the Roles assignment tab, and that all works great! (Advanced Forum picking up on proper badges by role.)

Excellent work, all of which is greatly appreciated! Only minor flaws mainly in the UI that I noticed. Not sure if I caught all of them, so I may be back later.

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Thanks for the feedback. Do keep us updated on your finds. I will be making updates and cleaning up userbadges based on everybody's feedback.