I get this error and I don't know where it's from
Strict warning : Only variables should be passed by reference dans openlayers_views_style_data->map_features() (ligne 332 dans /home/vhosts/bioscene/prod/sites/all/modules/openlayers/modules/openlayers_views/views/openlayers_views_style_data.inc).

Anyone could help me to find out where it could come from??
Thank you.


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Well I changed line 332 of openlayers/modules/openlayers_views/views/openlayers_views_style_data.inc

$attributes['#node_rendered'] = drupal_render(node_view(node_load($record->nid), $view_mode));


$__view = node_view(node_load($record->nid), $view_mode);
$attributes['#node_rendered'] = drupal_render($__view);

And now it works.
Is it a bug? If so, can anyone correct it on the dev branch?

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I had the same error. I changed the line you suggested and got rid of it. Interesting is that it appeared on my local machine only, not on the remote server. Maybe something with PHP version.

Thank you!

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I got this warning too.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Thanks, patch has been committed.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.