I have a multi site multi language drupal set up using the i18n module. I would like to set the default language for each site in the settings.php for that site. Is there a $conf array('locale' => 'fr'); setting or something?

BTW $conf array('locale' => 'fr'); doesn't work.

is there some sort of $conf['i18n_variables'] = array(); that I could use?


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So I solved it.

using $conf['i18n_variables'] = array();

I set up the various translations for each language.

Then I hacked the i18n.module:i18n_default_language() to bits.

function i18n_default_language(){

set the default language based on the URL


it's not pretty.

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I had the same problem in drupal 6.

$conf['language_default'] = (object) array('language' => 'sv');


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