Status message

Catalyst's long-standing commitment to free and open standards and technologies has gained us an international reputation for development, integration and support services.

Catalyst is a unique company with a unique culture. What sets us apart is that we don't just use open source; we get open source.

We understand that working together, collaboratively and collegially, we can achieve far more for our clients than would otherwise be the case. That means you'll be working with people throughout Catalyst who take responsibility and organise themselves to help you. It also means we'll be working with other open source contributors here in New Zealand and overseas to get the most out of the software we provide.

Drupal contributions

Catalyst provides many contributions to the community outside of code/modules and documentation. We host the Wellington Drupal Meetup once a month here (also notably sponsored by Sparks) with beer and pizza.

We helped to support the community to collectively make Drupal 8 happen in 2015, pitching in to

Catalyst were a driving force behind DrupalSouth 2014. Catalyst was one of two Platinum sponsors for the conference, and there were many developers from Catalyst not only attending but helping promote, organise, and manage the conference.

Developers are active in the community: helping and active on the issue queues, as well as external sites like DrupalAnswers.

Modules and support include:

Projects supported

CKEditor Special Characters, Expiring Roles, Commerce DPS PxPay, Content moderation concurrent edit notify, Catalyst Nagios customisation, Panels editable custom content, Preview Sync, Responsive Favicons, Secure forms, Comment Score, Commerce DPS, Beer O'Clock, Etherpad Lite, Security Kit

Credited on 15 issues fixed in the past 3 months


Catalyst provides Drupal training, throughout projects and on an ongoing basis with clients, to support using Drupal and the features it provides. This is most often done on a custom basis, based on current needs and recent development.

A number of developers specialise in this training, customising a programme to suit your needs, and running small classes to focus on questions and tasks relevant to your work. These can be for the web teams management of the site; the in house development team; extending the skill set of editors, and more. Catalyst has a specialist training room catering for a range of classes and needs.