1) We have two field collections 1 and 2, where field collection 2 is inside field collection 1.
2) Field Collection 1 has 2 radio buttons, RB1 and RB2.
3) When RB1 is selected, a drop down button will be displayed with two values DB1 and DB2, where 'DB1 select' must be displayed
when DB1 is selected and similar for DB2.
4) When RB2 is selected, field collection 2 has to be displayed and it has a drop down button with 2 values DB1 and DB2.
5) When DB1 is selected, 3 text fields will be displayed and similar for DB2.
6) Now the problem is, if I select RB1, the dependencies works,(selected DB1 in field collection1 and the text field 'DB1 select'
appears), when I select RB2, dependencies works fine, but the text field 'DB1 select' does not disappear(as shown in image2) and
also when I select RB1 again, the Field Collection 2 appears with the fields.(as shown in image1)

Can someone help us?

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same thing,
When I place in the form dependencies (screenshot) the field collection are not saved.
If I remove all dependencie, the field collection is saved.
Only the field collection has a saving problem.

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