This is a bit of a strange one.

When I embed images of style medium (220x165), resize them to say 200x150 with the wysiwyg editor and save, the images appear resized as you would expect. [update: using CKEditor]

If I reopen the node and save without changing anything, the image properties (width & height) disappear from the source code. The images are back to their default style size (220x165).

Every time I reopen the node to change some text, I have to resize images before saving. I tried disabling the Overlay module. Same problem.

Is this a Media bug or could it be related to Input formats?

Code on reopen before saving:

Code after resaving:


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I'm having a similar issue, where the attributes in the "image properties" wysiwyg dialog are not respected by the media filter.
For example, if i insert an image with image style dimensions of 250x250, then i use the image properties dialog to reset the dimensions to 125x125, BOTH sets of dimensions are rendered on output. The image style dimensions are rendered as attributes on the img element, and the image properties dialog dimensions are rendered in a style attribute.

I'm using CKEditor.

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same problem, however the width/height are still in code, but ignored by displays.

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this is because what's being displayed is a rendered file entity, not an image tag. image resizing within the wysiwyg ought to be disabled for embedded file entities, imo.

also, at least with ckeditor, double clicking on a media image opens the image properties dialog, where it ought to open the embedded media dialog.

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This issue is being actively worked on in #2067063: Wysiwyg integration is broken.

While this issue is the older issue, I'm going to close it in favor of #2067063: Wysiwyg integration is broken since there is work being done there.

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