How to replace a file exist when the file is send to ftp? (when i send two time test.txt I 'v got test.txt and test_0.txts
And wich value I should change to made selectore re-enable to send. I mean, when selector has been send it's not send anymore. How to change it?
I had made class & container in UI interface, and an selector in custom php module.


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Ok thanks for no answer, I make a bad patch wich replace the line 300 in

    $reference = $this->uniqueFilename($this->enterFileDirectory($storage->filename));


    $reference =$this->enterFileDirectory($storage->filename);

But it will be better if we can set this in $option of storageAdd() methode and verify if it can't replace file, it make a uniqueFilename.

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It might be appropriate for uniqueFilename() to not check the service, but it must check the database, other wise the db could end up having an incorrect record of the container.

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Yes I must to change primary key on storage_instance table, with the primay on 3 fields. But all is okay if I do it

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Does the Storage Audit module complain?

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