Need help to create a fix for Hong Kong currency format:

HK$ 10.00 for example. NOT the default 10.00 HKD

I am not a developer at all, do not understand any code or module development or to apply patch. Any chance to have a fix that someone like me can use??

Many thanks.


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According wikipedia, HK$10.00 is the right format.

The file you need to change is includes/
Symbol seems correct to me (HK$ should be used), so you'd just need to add the element below to the array:

'symbol_placement' => 'before',

If you want to provide a patch yourself, you can check how to do so here.

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Yep, that's all we needed. Committed, so in Commerce 1.4 it will appear as HK$10.00 instead of 10.00 HKD. See for an example. Not sure on the significance of the symbol separator, but right now our core currency format function doesn't really support that. : (

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@pcambra - thanks. not a developer though, therefore would touch upon the codes.
@rszrama - thanks. shall wait for the Commerce 1.4 update then.

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