Hey all,

Great module, have been using it for some time, but i do have a question.

I tested the views_slideshow module without javascript enabled. Only 1 image is shown where the slideshow should be and no navigation buttons show up. Awesome. Design is showing up fine, just no slideshow.

If i do the same for this module (disable javascript in my browser), i get a long list of slides, kind of messing up the design.

I'm looking into this a bit, but my time is very limited due to my media module development, but i would like to create a workarround for this, and if possible, create somekind of an implementation like views_slideshow has for their js-disabled fallback mode. (only rendering a base layout with 1 image) So i figured to post it here. (also looked for other posts, but didnt found any in this queue, apologies if i missed that one post already addressing this)