I am trying to use domain module but have an issue with getting uniform urls for users.
e.g when I have domains

I want all my users urls to be using members.mysite.com as the base URL.
Currently when a user link is on news.mysite.com it will be news.mysite.com/users/USER1
The same user then has another link from sports.mysite.com it will be sports.mysite.com/users/USER1

What I need is this user to have only ONE URL from all subdomains and that url in this case should be members.mysite.com/users/USER1 and not any of news.mysite.com/users/USER1 or sports.mysite.com/users/USER1

Thanks in advance


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Custom code using hook_domain_source_path_alter() or you can set these individually using Domain URL module. (http://drupal.org/project/domain_url).