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Disable debugging features and replace default logo

Next, we will disable the debugging features of Omega subthemes and replace the channelAustin logo with your logo:

  1. Click on Appearance in the Admin Toolbar
  2. Find the Community Media Theme and click Settings
  3. Click debugging in the list of vertical tabs
  4. Uncheck Enable the debugging (placeholder) blocks for the selected roles and Enable the grid overlay for the selected roles
  5. Now towards the bottom of the form, find the Logo image settings
  6. Either upload a logo or link to an existing logo. The logo will preferably be a transparent PNG, but a GIF or JPG will also work.
  7. Click Save configuration

Remove Secondary Menu from theme settings

The secondary menu (the User Menu that includes My Account & Log Out) should always be disabled from the theme settings. Instead, if you wish to use the User Menu, place the User Menu block in the region where you want that menu to appear. This is how to do it:

  1. Click on Appearance in the Admin Toolbar
  2. Find the Community Media Theme and click Settings
  3. At the bottom, under TOGGLE DISPLAY, uncheck the checbox for Secondary menu
  4. If you wish to enable the secondary menu:
    1. Click on Structure in the Admin Toolbar
    2. Click on Blocks
    3. Find the User Menu block and choose the region where you want to put it (e.g. Sidebar Second).

My menu doesn't appear!

The main menu by default appears in the Menu region, as long as "Main menu" is enabled in the theme settings (/admin/appearance/settings/cm_theme). If you are moving from another theme, or if Main menu is disabled in the theme settings, you may need to put the main menu block in the Menu region manually. This is how:

  1. Click on Structure in the Admin Toolbar
  2. Click on Blocks
  3. Find the Main Menu block and choose to put it in the Menu region.
  4. Type <none> as the title for the block.

Upgrading the Community Media theme on your site

The Community Media theme is still in development. If you are upgrading the theme from a previous development version, here are some things you might need to do:

Order of zones and regions

Zones and regions have been reordered since the first early versions of the theme. There are two ways to get them in the right order, for the theme to display correctly.

Install the Omega Tools module

  1. Install and enable Omega Tools -- this is something in addition to the Omega theme
  2. Navigate to the theme settings: admin/appearance/settings/cm_theme
  3. Click Revert theme settings at the bottom

Reorder manually in the Community Media theme settings

  1. Navigate to the theme settings: admin/appearance/settings/cm_theme
  2. Click Zone and Region configuration
  3. Reorder by changing the weight of a zone or a region, by clicking a zone/region and Configuration
  4. The correct order of zones in the header section should be:
    • User Zone
    • Branding Zone
    • Header Zone
    • Menu Zone
  5. Within the branding zone, make sure the Branding region is 8 columns, and Branding Second is 4 columns.
  6. Also make sure that the setting for the Header zone is set to "Force this zone to be rendered"

Placement of blocks in regions

Some blocks may have changed regions since the first versions. Make sure that the search block is in the "Branding Second" region and NOT in "Header Second".

Site name and secondary menu

You will want to remove the site name and secondary menu in the theme settings. Uncheck the boxes for Site name and Secondary menu under Manage Display at admin/appearance/settings/cm_theme

Slideshow module

You may need to remove the block name for the View: Slideshow block.

  1. Navigate to admin/structure/block
  2. Click Configure to the right of the block name
  3. Type in the block title field and save

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