I would like to create a combined login and register page (like logintoboggan module has) - but the way that module does it, seems very convoluted (but may be the only way)..

I was hoping for some tips - and I'll ofcourse contribute a patch, when I have something that works :)

I've currently just tried doing it, by altering the form in my themename_theme function in template.php - and set the template for user_login and user_register_form and then in the user_login preprocess function in same template.php, done a $variables['user_registerform'] = drupal_render(drupal_get_form('user_register)) - and then tried to output that in the template for the user_login form.

But that output does not include the
tags - so it doesn't work :(

I figure I have to do it, somehow, in modal_forms module - and I figure it would be a nice feature to have for others as well a combined user login | register modal_form and hoped to get some help/ideas as how to best go about this, so it would also be usefull for modal_forms module, instead of my own hack.


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Best would be to create a new module where you have function that creates the form you want. Then you take a look at how e.g. the "user_login" fomr is integrated in the modal forms module and does the same for your new form.