I'm in problem targetting the right taxonomy parent as a token for the path...
Imagine it as the Drupal's 'sites/all' folder in which you have 'files', 'modules', 'themes'... at first sub-level and other folders inside each of them for subs-subs...-levels.
The vocabulary is called 'sublevels'.
So, following this hierarchy, the root of my taxonomy is 'all' which holds everything and have no sibling.
Now, my content's taxonomy is set to 'all > modules > x > x1 > x1a' so I need the token to return 'modules'.
The token [node:field-sublevels:parents:first] returns 'all', which is the first parent. Right.
What should I use for token to retreive the value 'modules'?

Many thanks

taxo-target.jpg51.04 KBPhilY
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If I understand your attached image correctly, you dont want every term in the 'hierarchy' to be in the url? Ie, you only want levels 1-2-5. I dont know how to do this with the tokens available either, you may have to make your own custom token in a module. Perhaps the parents-all:<em>delta</em> can be used if you know the depth the node will be at?

If you do want the whole path, you can use tokens such as parents:join:?.

Closing because this is a really old issue.