I think it's time this project had some fresh blood.

I've been co-maintainer for the last 10 months and in that time I've got a D7 alpha release out, but unfortunately other projects (such as Flag module) are now taking up my time, and I am no longer using Data module for my own work.

I can't speak for the other maintainers of Data, but from the stats on the project page they don't seem to have been active for some time.

Therefore, I think we should seek new maintainers who can take this project forward.

If you're interested, please see the Best practices for co-maintaining projects documentation page here: http://drupal.org/node/363367. New co-maintainers should have some familiarity with the module and have submitted patches.


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Hi Joachim!

I would be glad to help maintaining this project. I currently have some opened issues related to the data module (the last one is http://drupal.org/node/1363600).

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Do you have any other patches in the issue queue apart from that one?

Note that I don't have the permissions to add maintainers to this project -- we'll have to ask Febbraro.

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Currently not.

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Hmm on my own projects I like to see two or three patches from potential co-maintainers.

However, this isn't my project -- it's up to febbraro to grant co-maintainership; I don't have that level of access. I suggest you contact him and alert him to this issue. Though another patch or two wouldn't hurt :)

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No matter, it is fair enough so I will bother him when I will have some more patches against Data module :-)

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Just wondering that both "data" and "table wizard" seems to be abbondonated. I would to need one for a current project. actually my main purpose will be to integrate data from a SQL table not under Drupal control into the views systems.
Anyway I am also be also interested into maintaining Data. Maybe their might be chance to assimilate any extras from table wizard into data. How can I be involved into the process ?

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I'm a comaintainer here, but as I no longer use Data module myself, it's a pretty low priority for me I'm afraid.

I try and occasionally check the issue queue, but at the moment it's very much down to the community to review patches. If patches get reviewed and marked as RTBC, then I will commit them.

If you are interested in comaintaining, that would be great!

It's good to get new people involved. But that said, we can't give the keys out straight away! ;) The usual procedure is that potential new maintainer should create a fair number of patches, so that we cab review your code (best practices, Drupal coding style, etc etc).

So what you should do is find some issues that are active or need work -- start with the ones that are blocking your project maybe -- and post patches. I'll review your patches, and hopefully other users will too.

Also, if you cold review some of the patches that are waiting in the issue queue, that would be good too!

If all that goes well I can add you as a maintainer, and then a bit later, gracefully retire from this module :D

There's more info on maintaining and co-maintaining here: https://drupal.org/node/7765

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@CarstenHarnisch - I too have an interest in developing a function to allow adopting a view. I lurk in drupal-contribute on irc most days, and you can contact me via this sites messaging system if you'd like.


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Issue summary: View changes

Would @joachim or anyone else be willing to do a "mentoring" session for Data? This might jumpstart some of us to be able to make some patching help, and eventually lead to a viable co-maintainer.

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Do you mean something along similar lines to core mentoring on IRC? The thing is, there's only one of me and I don't know how many people would be interested in this, but the chances are that whatever time I pick wouldn't suit everyone. I think it might be easier to just comment on issues you're interested in fixing and I'll help with any questions you have.

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Yeah, that was my thought... I was hoping there was some interest besides myself that I could sorta lurk and learn. I am wrestling with understanding what my problems have to do with Data, and what role PostgreSQL is playing in it. I will look into some issues and start posting up though, maybe starting with really small patches like making "Warnings" go away.


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I'm clueless when it comes to PostgreSQL... :)
I see you're in the US, which is going to make things interesting what with time zones... you can sometimes catch me on IRC in the evening, around 1900-2100 UTC, but it really depends on the evening.

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OK cool - I will start small as I mentioned and then see if we can't synch up in IRC some time. Sometimes I am up and at'em at 4:30/5:00 EST, so that might be a time.