The block for displaying upcoming group events in sidebar one has disappeared after disabling/re-enabling athletic teams. I went to blocks admin and enabled the View: Event calendar by group:upcoming - all but it shows on all pages and shows all events, regardless of group affiliation.


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I'm not an expert here but you might need to look at the Context module to see why the block isn't showing up when you expect it to. I don't think the blocks admin has much to do with how the site looks but blocks are used in the site if you get what I mean

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@mobcdi is correct - Julio uses context to control block display.

Can you try clearing the site cache to see if that affects the issue. Sometimes (aka, when we're lucky :) ), block display issues have an underlying relationship with the site cache, or a browser cache.

Also, was the events block not appearing in all places when you disabled the athletics featureset, or just on the teams pages?

Can you walk through the exact steps needed to reproduce this?

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I cleared the site cache as well as all my browser caches. events block is still not showing up.

The events block was in sidebar 1 and working normal on all pages. I disabled the athletics feature set. I then re-enabled the athletics and the block no longer appeared, on any pages. You can check out the site

I am not familiar with Context yet. How do I make sure it is configured correctly? I see no set up options on the configuration page. Reading about context, it looks like it is all in the tpl files. Is there a way to verify these? Would copying the julio distro tpl files over to the website work?

Thanks for all help!

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Well, apparently it is working again. Not quite sure why.
thanks, though.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

Glad to hear it's working again.