I see that Michelle requested that questions be placed in a separate "issue" in the forum. See Comment #2 Why doesn't there seem to be a "Questions" issue then? No one has ever had any questions? That seems rather strange and unlikely.

Here are my questions as a newbie to Drupal... I've looked at the standard Drupal forum somewhat and was not too thrilled. I have seen many websites with more functional looking forums. Now I am looking at this Advanced-Forums module, but still I don't see what I am looking for. Here are some questions I have:

1. In a very active forum the message threads can get very long. It is better to be able to minimize messages to just a vertically-efficient header or summary. If you want to read the messages you can click on "expand all" or click on individual messages to expand them.

2. I definitely want posted messages to be called "posts" or "messages" and not "comments." How can I change that?

3. Some users prefer to "subscribe" and participate in a forum via e-mail. What about that?

4. I want moderators to be able to move messages or threads if they are posted in the wrong place. Is that possible?

5. I want the top level forum categories to be fixed by admin-role users. No ordinary user should be able to add a new forum category. How is that done?

Now, maybe some of these features already exist and I, as a new Drupal user just haven't found them yet. I am trying to come up to speed on Drupal, but it is a struggle when so many features are things I don't care about or don't understand.



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There isn't a generic "question" issue because, as I said in the comment you quoted me on, "We like to keep each issue on topic or it gets confusing." Hence not taking issues off topic or starting multi-topic issues such as this one.

#1 is a statement, not a question. If you're asking if AF can do this natively, the answer is no. There may be other modules that allow it. Otherwise, you'd need to write some javascript.

#2 is usually done via the translation system.

#3 there are at least two modules that handle subscriptions. I don't know of any offhand that let you post via email.

#4 is core forum functionality.

#5 is done via core permissions.

Since none of these with the possible exception of #1 have anything to do with AF, and I answered #1, I'm considering this fixed. If you need more generic forum help in Drupal, the drupal.org support forums are a better bet than a specific module's queue as the concept of a "forum" spans multiple modules in Drupal.


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Thanks for the response Michelle. Could issue #1 really be implemented with Javascript or some other fairly simple modification? Are you perhaps familiar with the UIE Forum module (http://drupal.org/node/38829/release) ? How do you feel it compares to AF?


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I don't know javascript so I'm not the one to answer that. As for UIE, well, the biggest difference is that AF is actively maintained and UIE died a long time ago.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Hi all, sorry to bother as a newbie but I ave some problem with answer #4

Specifically, Thread moving is allowed among containers, message moving from among threads seems to be not available.

i roamed around Structure->Forum->settings and Configuration->content Authring -> advanced Forum and didn't find anything about it.

Could you please specify where i can find such a function?

Thanks in advance,

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

No, you can't move a post from one thread to another.