When I install without the demo store, there is no color or product variations??Please fix this.


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This is how it should be.
The Color or product variations are supposed to be available only on demo store.

BUt you can build them anytime as you wish. The demo store could help you to see how you can build you're own store with own product variations.

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I can build the color but I think the product variations is in the Product UI (not product UI lite), right? So it makes us more difficult to build it.

Can you keep those features in the no demo store? (or make an option to let us keep it or not)

Thank you.

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If you check Commerce Kickstart Product vs. Commerce Kickstart Lite Product dependencies you'll find extra modules Commerce Fancy AttributesCommerce fancy attributes & Field Extractor for Commerce Kickstart Product (demo modules).

So these modules should help you build what you need.

Let's make this issue as feature request: Color product field as an Option for No Demo Store
to see what happens.

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Title: No Demo Store: no product color and product variations » [Documentation] No Demo Store: no product color and product variations
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As vasike said, not having colors is intentional.
"No demo store" is meant to be used by everyone starting a new site, colors are something that a vast majority of sites don't need.

Product variations are still there, the UI just changes depending on the cardinality of the product reference field.

The workflow for you would be like this:
1) Add a Size vocabulary. Add a Size attribute field to your product type.
2) Edit field_product on your node type, change the cardinality (Allowed number of values) from "1" to "Unlimited". This gives you back "Product variations"
3) You can now enable the Fancy Attributes and Field Extractor modules, and configure them to show the colors in your views or wherever.
(#3 needs a more indepth explanation)

Leaving the issue open because we need to document this.

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Newby Question: If size or other attributes are assigned as vocabulary terms, how does commerce deal with the inventory? I've been operating on the assumption that I'd have to create a separate product node for each size along with a field for quantity in stock. Is there a smarter way?

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Title: [Documentation] No Demo Store: no product color and product variations » [Documentation] Create a tutorial for product colors / fancy attributes
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We're handling the default number of variations in #1864982: Error message when trying to edit an order.

We should still have a tutorial around color usage.

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I think this is done

Shouldn't this issue be moved to Commerce Fancy Attributes queue?
What about put the video tutorial link on project page?

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Marking as fixed as the docs seems to be available now?

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