Using webform module I have created a couple of forms - on the view tab of the forms though, whether logged in or out, nothing appears in the content area of the page. I just have the title, the tabs and no form

<div class="block-inner clearfix">
        <div class="content clearfix">

I have tried switching from my subtheme to omega and the issue remains. If I use one of the other themes, bartik or seven etc the fields reappear.

Appreciate any help!

Screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s188/sh/9ed2d60a-3986-45a9-98c9-81afcd00e...


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adding more info

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Hitby, did you ever resolve this? I'm experiencing the same. Does your form have a date field? It looks like disabling it gets the form working for us. Obviously that can't be the fix, but maybe it isolates the bug?

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Hi, no, no date field. I tried a variety of fields and couldn't narrow it down to any one thing in particular :( My issue has changed now though (for no apparent reason).

I can now see the fields when logged in as user 1 but not as any other user.

I filed an issue in the webform queue http://drupal.org/node/1808520

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Same problem here! Can't actually view the webform with omega or omega subtheme but can view it in other themes.

Seriously need a solution to this & honestly can't believe more people haven't run in to this issue...

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Did you guys use the omega starterkit or alpha starterkit to create your subtheme?

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