This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite

Short version

  • Install Display Suite in the usual way
  • If using drush, use drush dl ds, not drush dl displaysuite
  • Go to Administration > Structure > Display Suite > Layout (admin/structure/ds/layout)
  • Click "Manage display" for the entity (e.g., "User") whose display you like to change
  • In the vertical tab "Layout for ... in default" choose the desired layout template (e.g. "Two column stacked") and click "Apply"
  • Start managing the display by dragging fields to regions
  • Click "Save"

Long version

At Administration > Modules (admin/modules) you find seven Display Suite modules:

  • Display suite, the main module that includes the most functionality
  • Devel, development tools
  • Extras, additional features
  • Format, a text format
  • Forms, form layout management
  • Search display, search results layout management
  • UI, user interface

To start managing displays of entities you need at least to enable the modules Display Suite UI and Display Suite.

After enabling all modules you will find four tabs that give access to all the configuration options. at Administration > Structure > Display Suite (admin/structure/ds).

  • Displays, manage the display and forms for all entities (main functionality of Display Suite). The secondary tabs reveal the following configuration options:
    • Extras, configure extra functionality for Display Suite.
    • Search, configure search settings
    • Styles, define CSS-classes for regions and fields
    • Emergency, disable all custom fields generated by Display suite
  • View modes, manage view modes for all entities.
  • Fields, define custom fields
  • CSS classes, define CSS classes for regions and fields

Display Suite does nothing

By default, when enabled, Display Suite makes no changes to your website. To start changing the display of entities on your website you must start managing displays.