I recently discovered, that I have a lot of PHP errors in my logs page. I start investigating and I realized, all of them appeared on Forum pages. When I disabled Advanced Forum, all errors are gone.

So, I decided to create an issue and to list them all here. Maybe you will find why they appear.

  • Illegal offset type in file /home/bval/domains/uchi.kz/includes/path.inc line 69.
  • Illegal offset type in isset or empty in file /home/bval/domains/uchi.kz/includes/path.inc line 64.

Both appeared on the same page, simultaneosly.

  • htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given file /home/bval/domains/uchi.kz/includes/bootstrap.inc line 860.

This error might be related to this issue: http://drupal.org/node/1361526

I have russian language Drupal 6 website.

Thank you.


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Hi. What version of php do you have? I'm guessing 5.3

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@Geldora - if you could PM and provide me with a db dump where this is happening, I'll have a look.

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Hello, sorry for a late update :(

Yes, have php 5.3 version.

Unfortunately, I just updated my website to 7 :( WIll try to find an old backup, if I find it, I will send it to you.