I wrote Pdf2Jpg.net, an online PDF to JPG converter, almost two years ago.

I primarily used PHP alone: plain old PHP files, direct access to MySQL... The web site works pretty well, converting PDF to JPG all day long.

Yet I wanted to make the site architecture more scalable, and also to take advantage of existing components. So I've undertaken to rewrite Pdf2Jpg.net on top of Drupal.

I completely new to Drupal so I'm still coding at the moment, in a trial and error fashion. I hope the new version will be online soon! You can have a look to the existing version for now, just to compare it to the new version when it's done. Stay tuned!


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commenting on this thread so that it's added to my tracker.

The things that me make go hmmmmmmmm! aka reasons that this posting is raising my eyebrow as possible camouflaged link spam:

A) the website domain name is in the title & in the post
B) the link in the OP isn't a drupal site, yet the link was posted in the "Show off your Drupal site" forum.
C) the account is 28 mins old as of the time of this comment
D) no other activity in the users tracker
E) no time frame for when a link to a Drupal site will be posted.

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yep... more than likely spam, but moving out of this forum in the meantime.

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Hi Philippe,

First, nice that you are making the move from bare PHP to Drupal.

It seems you have learned from my Drupal approach, http://pdfjpg.net

Nice to know you have found the power of Drupal. pdfjpg.net is attracting more and more visitors because it's giving some nice Drupal features above your site.

It's a pleasure to compete with you.
You gave me some nice idea's.
I have rewrited all of your projects to drupal.

http://pdf2jpg.net -> http://pdfjpg.net
http://convert-jpg-to-pdf.net -> http://convertjpgpdf.net
http://pdf2social.net ->http://pdf2fb.net

Thanks for inspiring me and very nice i can inspire you now!

I wish you a lot of traffic in the future.
And good luck with your Drupal study.

I'm also wondering if you are going to put a ubercart shop in it ;)

-Job Joling

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uhhhh. is a spam war really necessary? your spam better than the previous spam in some way? I'll give you some benefit of doubt since your account is over two years old but please discontinue the practice.

you already have multiple posts advertising your wares based on your tracker activity: http://drupal.org/user/823012/track

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There is a forum topic named "Drupal Showcase".
This forum is created so you can show your Drupal Site.
I post all my creations in there.

If you call it spam, then it is legal spam ;)

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your OP's in your tracker aren't the complain, multiple links in the comment section of another's OP is abuse IMO.

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If i would like to spam here, i wouldn't write down the url's of my competitor.

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Whether you consider it spam or not, your cooperation in keeping drupal.org clutter free if not spam free is requested from here forward. Thank you in advance.

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There is no form of 'acceptable spam' ('legal' implies a specific meaning that doesn't apply here) on drupal.org. If you plan on engaging in link spam and debating the meaning of 'spam' I can promise you you'll loose that 'debate' and your account (and any future accounts) will be blocked and all links removed.

Repeatedly posting the same links is considered spam-- regardless of the stated so-called reason.

Besides, the links are automatically no-followed anyway so the risk-reward ratio is so low it's not even worth it.