I create a field

select media browser

select "Enabled browser plugins"
My files

Allowed remote media types: images only

Allowed URI schemes:
node, public, private

Is there a way for me to select which providers should be available for this media field?

But when i upload I see this:
Supported providers

#6 Selection_006.png10.28 KBdagomar
#5 video.PNG18.3 KBdagomar
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Hi SocialNicheGuru,

I can't help your issue just yet as I am just about to install media 7x2-dev myself. However, in order to get supported providers, don't you have to install other add-on modules like http://drupal.org/project/media_youtube ?


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Status: Active » Fixed

Supported providers you get with installing:
some of these.

just reopen if this is not enough info for you.

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Category: bug » feature
Status: Fixed » Active

no i already have emfield and media_youtube and others installed

my issue is around the ui
if I only want images to show up, then why would soundcloud, an audio provider, or vimeo, a video provider, show up as options?

likewise if I choose my media to be video only, why should flickr show up as an option when I am creating the field?

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Title: Is there a way for me to select which providers should be available for this media field? » Make providers configurable per field instance

Making title more clear on this issue

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Category: feature » bug
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Video for image field

I have an image field, but it shows youtube and vimeo as providers. That is obviously wrong, they will not get accepted. For me it would be enough if it would only show providers that provide the content the media field is enabled for, but if I could select per field which provider is accepted, that would work too.

I think this issue is a bug, because it makes people think the can use the field in a certain way, when they cannot.

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I am getting very confused here. I see in my field setting the following:

Field settings

I'm sorry but shouldn't the supported providers be based on that? In code I can see that the media providers are displayed based on all enabled media provider modules, but wouldn't it be better to check if the field has enabled those providers for that specific field, AND does the field settings image actually reflect all the possible options, or is that just one part of it, eg, perhaps some providers do not have the option to be disabled in that way?? Questions questions :)