Thanks for this nice module,
I had a site which work in 2 different language (locale module) and I use pathauto to create auto path to my site, It works perfectly with user in English, however, when I change the user with other language than English (chinese), my URL site changed back to node/XXX. What happened?

How can I fix it?

My problem:
User with English: article/cook (work correctly)
User with non-english language: node/123 (not work)

Drupal 7.15
Token 7.x-1.3
Pathauto 7.x-1.2



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Hi korn3lius,

You need to go to the alias listing by admin/config/search/path. Go to the alias you are facing the issue with and click on edit. Make sure that the language is set to "All Languages" if it is not, do that and Save. Now check, the issue will have got solved. Do share your thoughts if you face any other issue.

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Hi ayushjn,

Thanks for your reply.
Your post fixed my problem, it seems the problem is the default setting for pathauto is "english". When I manually change the language settings to "all languages", the problem is solved. Many many thanks..
However, I can't see any settings that change the default language from english to "any languages" elsewhere. I must change it manually to all my existing node. Can I fix this?


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Hi korn3lius,

I guess the following link should be able to help you. Also, you may go through the discussion for details.
You may set the status of this issue as closed as what you are referring to can be found in the issue in above link. (This would remove redundancy :))

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)
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I have a problem. I work with Entity Translation and Neutral_paths Module.
For default setting i have checked the language fallback.
I have a new contents for default language in italian and the alias work correctly because are the same of italian language (also in the other languages, english for example).


"Chi siamo" (new contents created in italian language and not translated in other languages)
alias: "chi-siamo" (the alias is the same in all languages) Perfect !

The problem

If i translate the node "Chi siamo" in english for example, the result will be "About us" and the alias will be "about-us" good ! BUT.... if i switch to the italian languages, the node "Chi siamo" will have the alias "about-us" not "chi-siamo" .

Every translation of node that will be editing, will have the same alias shared in 2 languages. This things is correctly only if i don't have translations.

Can you help me ?

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@rolfo85: hey Rodolfo, welcome to Drupal!

I realize that you are new, but please refrain from posting the same question more than once. It's the best way to get ignored.

Also not a good idea to ask your questions in unrelated issues.