These functions after #1608842: Replace list of bootstrap modules, enabled modules, enabled themes, and default theme with config rebuild nothing, they need to renamed all_data , the system_list_reset be removed and called separately when needed. When needed and not all the time when all you want is read data.


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The container has the module list so as a first step, remove the module parts from system_list. Both the module_enabled and the file names can be removed. Two, pivot ModuleInfo or add a new similar class so that it returns the info for a single module and then make sure all access to ->info goes through that functionality -- run hook_system_info_alter on cache miss. Now you do not need the system_rebuild_module_data function any more.

For theme, #1833590: Move the module provided theme to something not-hook and fast to detect needs to be resolved first and then in a very similar fashion, have something that caches the parsed and altered info file. I readily presume that the same caching facility as above would be usable.

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Component:base system» system.module

Moved to system.module per #2050763-16: Refine "base system" component (notes on refactoring of "base system" category here:

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Enough work has been done on these that I don't think it's major.