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this could lead to race-conditions, also I cares only about install module moment

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I have no idea what do you mean. Importing config is likely a maintenance mode thing anyways, what race condition?

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Issue tags: +Configuration system


chx, perhaps we need to make this a more general issue, with a title like 'Allow modules to be imported by the configuration system' ?

i've thought about this a bit, and i'm pretty sure we'll need to special case module changes during import. probably via a pass that handles modules first, then the rest of the changes.

i'm happy to open another issue if this is not what you had in mind for this issue.

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@chx I've trying to figure a case: we have module node and comment (comment does not depends in node after #1790764: [meta] Convert comment module to field_api,
1) both disabled, 2) user calls to enable both (without dependency the order is unpredictable) 3) modules are trying to find each other state to install/update something... - seem rc posible

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I still don't get it , the operation is the exact same as clicking on the Extend screen to enable modules. That's what this issue is about.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Closed in favour of a newer and more constructive issue #1808248: Add a separate module install/uninstall step to the config import process