I want to set the a work experience as current , how to that any aideas?


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Just dont fill in the end date on the current work placement. The blank end date would usually signify an ongoing assignment.

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yep, on our drupaljobs demo site we renamed "Show end date" to "Finished". Still not perfect, but better.

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I think i need to explain more. Each time a user fills a work experience field collection, we need to provide a check box for the user to set it as current, as of now user will fill all the dates and we cant determine which one is current.
This problem is due to date module which has the value and value2 clubbed in theme if they can be dealt individually then we can use condition field module to hide/show value2 field
Another use case is , user may not like to expose his intentions of changing jobs to the current employer.
either way even if that is done some how, still the problem will not be solved, because work experience is multivalue field .
We cannot use conditional field module to set status, because of this issue Create dependencies for Field Collection fields that rely on fields in the parent node

any other ideas?

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An additional custom field ("Current work") might also be the solution for you?!

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this field will be visible on all experiences , no use

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#1 essentially fixes the support request

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