I've got some troubles when use query aggregation.

First of all, there is notice message:

Notice: Undefined property: view::$dom_id в функции template_preprocess_views_view() (строка 116 в файле /usr/local/www/*****.ru/www/sites/all/modules/views/theme/theme.inc).

And the second - I use hook_views_pre_render(&$view) to override header area depends on current contextual filter argument. But there is no argument at all. =(

#9 1791304-9.patch436 bytesjibran
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#6 1791304-6.patch580 bytesdamiankloip
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#4 0001-Issue-1791304-Call-pre_execute-before-render-when-qu.patch845 bytesmarvil07
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#4 0001-Issue-1791304-Set-is_attachment-to-avoid-dom_id-on-t.patch953 bytesmarvil07
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#2 1791304-2-field_view_adding_arg_and_dom_id.patch810 bytesholdmann
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#1 1791304-1-field_view_adding_arg_and_dom_id.patch783 bytesholdmann
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Here some patch

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Oops, some troubles with spaces and tabs

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I'm getting the same notice.

This seems to be a related issue: #1556174: $dom_id issues with upgrade

I'm currently investigating the module if there should be a $child_view->pre_execute() implemented, as dawehner stated in the mentioned issue. Simply adding the dom_id might not be enough.

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I am not sure what is the right solution here, so I propose several options to let maintainers, which are more familiar with the module decide. Notice all make the warning disappear.

Run $child_view->pre_execute()

This sounds like the more rational idea, since views maintainers mention on #1556174-10: $dom_id issues with upgrade that we should do that. Basically that method set dom_id in the right way.

Not sure yet what exactly to pass as argument, but it should not matter since we are not executing the child view when aggregation is used (is executed on pre_render() instead).

The patch from comment 2

+++ b/views_field_view_handler_field_view.inc
@@ -426,6 +426,9 @@ class views_field_view_handler_field_view extends views_handler_field {
             $child_view->result = $results;
+            // Set agrument and dom_id related to current view
+            $child_view->args = array($values->{$this->view->base_field});
  • args here is assumed as one value, but we can pass several values as arguments to the child view, so this is probably wrong.
  • dom_id data member here is set directly, views let set it via hook_views_pre_view(), so that seems to be wrong too.

Set $child_view->is_attachment to TRUE

The mentioned warning happens on views theme/theme.inc when $view->is_attachment is empty, which is originally used to prevent attached views to show a dom_id, which they do not have.
This is hack I guess, but setting it to TRUE by pass that template variable assignment, so it also seems to fix the problem.

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After a quick review Daniel mentioned if we should use preview() method.
I think that method should not be used in that portion of views_field_view. render() method is used directly instead, so calling preview() does not make sense on the aggregate query option of views_field_view, which tries to avoid executing the query many times, and executes it once on pre_execute().

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Well, yeah. preview will pre_render the view too. So Daniel wanted to just do something like this?

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@damiankloip: Yes, and as mentioned, that doe snot make sense in the context of the vies_field_view aggregation option, so I am each time more convinced that the right solution is to run pre_execute() as the first patch on comment 4.

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Patch for 8.x-1.x branch.