Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Techito do full project delivery: building a complete website from scratch. We work with you to understand what you're trying to achieve, and build a website to deliver that goal. That's almost always a Drupal website, but often includes other components such as caching services, integrating other components, monitoring, test and deployment pipelines.

Techito build modules. If you have a Drupal website, and you need a module for a specific purpose (such as integrating with a legacy system or a third-party service that doesn't yet have Drupal support), we can specify and build the module for you, and work with you to test it in your environments.

Techito do consultancy. If you're planning a significant project, Marcus can join you on-site, providing architect-level expertise and/or leading the technical delivery of the project.

Drupal contributions

Techito was founded and is run by Marcus Deglos (manarth), a performance and scalability expert who created the ESI module, and has led the technical architecture on several enterprise-scale Drupal projects.

Amongst his contributions are:

  • The ESI module, to enable a high-performance cache for authenticated users.
  • Project Oscar, a Vagrant/Puppet-based VM for Drupal Development.
  • WP Blog - a blogging module used by nearly 1000 sites.
  • Dozens of patches to well-used contrib modules, including CCK, ctools and panels.
  • Regular conference speaker at Drupal conferences, camps, meetups, and other tech events.
  • Provides support on IRC.